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Analyze your audience with the LeadER EXPO mobile app

The unique service for registering visitors EXPODAT and the LeadER EXPO mobile application is a modern way of collecting contact information, without paper questionnaires, without collecting business cards, without mistakes and human factors.


Leader EXPO features:

— Instantly identify the target visitor by scanning their badge.
— Fixing the interests of visitors in the catalog of goods.
— Conducting surveys and questionnaires of visitors.
— Formation of a database of contacts for managers who worked with the visitor of the stand.
— Adding notes / photos to the collected contacts, both during the meeting and after it.
— Questioning to identify the interests and capabilities of the visitor.
— Motivation of stand employees with KPI analytics of their work during the exhibition, even if you yourself are not present at the exhibition site.

— Online reports with the results of the work of the stand, without waiting for the end of the event.

— Using LeadER EXPO, you automatically become a participant in the struggle for the title of the Active stand of the exhibition..

The application is available in Russian and English for smartphones and tablets based on IOS and Android.

Organizational materials



Please read the important points in preparation for the exhibition: ordering additional equipment, delivery and customs clearance of goods, installation days and exhibition opening hours, etc.

Marketing materials


Where to stay?

For the convenience of your stay, we have previously concluded an agreement with hotels, in which you will be provided with a special price for accommodation. These hotels are located near the venue of the exhibitions (Akhunbaeva str., 97, Manezh of the Physical Culture Institute). To book, please contact the hotel, be sure to say that you are a participant of BiExpo exhibitions to provide a special price.

Jannat Regency   5*

+996 312 909 474 / +996 555 772 688

Orion Hotel   5*

+996 312 556 666

Golden Dragon Hotel   5*

+996 312 902 771 / +996 777 902 771

Garden Hotel   4*

+996 312 545 425 / +996 776 399 959

Evropa   4*

+996 312 431 994 / +996 556 431 994

Discovery Hotel Bishkek   4*

+996 312 563 333 / +996 770 050 429

Oasis Residence   3*

+996 559 110 808

Futuro Hotel   3*

+996 312 986 868 / +996 777 986 868


You can also choose and book a room in accordance with your goals and budget at


How to get to the exhibition?


The fastest and most convenient way to get around the city during the day is by taxi. To use a taxi, you need to install the Yandex. You can pay for the trip by credit card by linking it to your account in the app.

Opening hours and location

Opening hours:

• April 4 (Tue): 10 am – 6 pm

• April 5 (Wed): 10 am – 6 pm

• April 6 (Thu): 10 am – 4 pm



Bishkek city, 97 Akhunbaev str.,
Arena of the Kyrgyz State Academy of Physical Education and Sport (KSAPES)

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